The event is cancelled for technical and organisational reasons!

Because of various reasons, we, the organisers, unfortunately had to cancel the language festival we were planning for this year. If things progress in the right direction, we will meet at LingvaFest’ next year in 2018! Thank you for your understanding.

The autumn of the year 2017 will come under the sign of languages!

In September, the first ever international language festival in Slovakia will be held in Bratislava, named LingvaFest’ 2017, and you definitely have to participate!

The main aims of this diverse two-day long event with expected participation of several thousands of people are:

  • to present various foreign languages and cultures,
  • to deepen people’s interest in foreign languages,
  • to motivate to learn foreign languages,
  • to present effective ways of teaching, new methods, applications,
  • to provide space for further cooperation between various institutions and people directly working on languages.

WHEN: 22-23 September, 2017.

WHERE: University of Economics in Bratislava.

WHY? LingvaFest’ aims to be an event ”about, with and for languages”. This is a place to get to know foreign languages and cultures related to them.

Languages and communication concern us all, therefore the language festival is open to everyone. And let’s not forget to mention: you can come and experience the whole event totally free of charge!

The event is under the auspices of:

  • Peter Plavčan – minister of education, science, research and sport
  • Ferdinand Daňo – rector of the University of Economics in Bratislava
  • Ľudovít Hajduk – director of the State Pedagogical Institute