Bratislava lives through languages!
28-29th September, 2018 – University of Economics, Bratislava

How to arrive

How to arrive at LingvaFest’?

Simply. There’s a bus stop named ”Ekonomická univerzita” near the university, where many of the bus lines arrive: 68, 87, 88, 90, 98. You can find the right connection in the website of the public transport of Bratislava.


Národohospodárska fakulta
Ekonomická univerzita v Bratislave
Dolnozemská cesta 1
852 35 Bratislava

The entrance to the Faculty of National Economy looks like this:

If you are coming by car or school bus, we recommend that you use the parking lot behind the venue, accessible through Májová street (see the map below).

See also the detailed map of the festival area: