Bratislava lives through languages!
September 26-27, 2019 – University of Economics, Bratislava


Participation in the entire festival is free for visitors!

Are you planning to visit the festival with a large group (e.g. you are organizing a school trip)? If yes, please fill in this form so we can better adapt the program for you.

What to expect

Dear visitor,

What exactly awaits you at LingvaFest’ 2019?

The programme will predominantly consist of:

  • Talks
  • Workshops
  • Concerts
  • Language (crash) courses
  • Exhibitions

Apart from those mentioned above, we are also in the process of getting competitions, tombola and a surprise ready for you☺. We promise that coming to LingvaFest’ 2019 will be worth it!

For further information about the programme visit “through this form.

The deadline for submissions is 07.09.2019