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Slovakia lives through languages!
September 2023 – we are looking for a venue!


Language festival: space for everything about languages

The main aim of the LingvaFest’ festival is following:

  • To create a rich event about languages which until now was missing in Slovakia.
  • To bring together the richness and diversity of the languages of Europe and the rest of the world.
  • To present the latest trends (methods, learning tools etc.) in language learning.
  • To present new ways of learning (the Internet and computer-based learning…)
  • To give space to organizations, publishers, schools and other institutions working on teaching foreign languages , in order for them to present their fields of activity.
  • To present languages of Europe and the world taking into consideration minority and small languages.
  • To deepen the public interest in foreign languages (and cultures).
  • To contribute to getting rid of xenophobia, racism and nazism.
  • To discuss linguistics, language politics and language-related problems.
  • To bring closer to people work with languages: translators, interpreters, editors, teachers, linguists etc.

The core of the programme: 30-minute long quick courses on various languages

An important part of the programme will be short language courses according to the ”language festival” method of Denis Keefe: a short 30-minute lesson of a foreign language, aimed to present to participants some part of learning a particular language, usually the pronunciation rules, basic phrases, grammatical specifications and so forth.

There will be simultaneous presentations about various languages in each classroom and the participants will change in every 30 minutes. Each participant receives a schedule at the entrance and is able to choose which language he/she prefers to visit and when.

Entertainment programme

Apart from these courses, the participants can enjoy various other programmes:

  • tongue twisters, contests and quizzes with valuable prizes
  • presentations of publishers of textbooks, dictionaries and foreign language literature alike
  • presentations of educational institutions, learning tools and methods
  • presentations of universities, basically focused on translations, pedagogics, applied linguistics etc.
  • rich cultural programme
  • linguistic discussions and speeches from different speacialists
  • an opportunity to try simultaneous interpretation on your own

To whom LingvaFest’ can be an interesting event:

  • Pupils
  • University students
  • Students of language schools
  • Language enthusiasts, independent learners and polyglots
  • The jobless
  • People curious about languages in general
  • People interested in other cultures
  • Teachers of foreign languages
  • Translators and interpreters
  • Students in the framework of lifelong learning
  • Various specialists
  • Language institutions