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Slovakia lives through languages!
September 2023 – we are looking for a venue!


Present yourself during LingvaFest’!

You can find the price of exhibition stands and a registration form by following this link.

In September 2018 Bratislava hosted its first ever language festival: LingvaFest’. It will happen again in 2019. It is a unique chance for you to present your company, institution or organization. Not only talented students and polyglots will come to attend LingvaFest’, but alsoeternal beginners and people who are willing to start learning a language but do not know how.

Our goal is to organize a free event full of lectures, discussions and mini language courses. The festival will also include a space for exhibitors, where visitors will be able to learn about your language school and other institutions and organizations. If you decide to participate in LingvaFest’, this will ensure direct contact with people who learn a language, want to learn one or feel they should start. You will be able to make yourself known and get to know your future students and clients.

In addition to an exhibition space, you can book a lecture room and organize an introduction lesson or present your teaching method.

The target groups of the festival are:

  • Pupils and students
  • Young people interested in language learning and other cultures
  • Polyglots
  • Adults working in lifelong education
  • Foreign language teachers

What will participation in LingvaFest’ bring you?

  • You can talk to young people who consider studying foreign languages
  • Direct contact with people interested in foreign languages
  • Makig your language school known
  • You can directly talk to future students
  • You will find out which language courses students would be interested in
  • You can present the teaching method of your school with a sample lesson
  • You will make contact with potential teachers

In addition to language schools, other institutions that will present themselves during LingvaFest’ include language institutions, embassies, editors and other organizations working with foreign languages. You can find the list of confirmed exhibitors on this page.

Dates of the festival: September 2021

Location: Faculty of Education, Constantin the Philosopher University in Nitra, Dražovská cesta 4, 949 74 Nitra

If you are interested in our offer and would like to know more or to meet us, you can write to us at petronela.spirkova@lingvafest.sk or call +420 774 207 799.